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Consumer spending is holding up. A fantastic chart. Their membership format has built up customer loyalty. Lots of room to expand. Good support around $300. When it bases like this, it lets him hang his hat--good. (Analysts’ price target is $308.24)
They manage $26 billion of global assets, from energy and utilities to transports. They have an excellent track record of growth. 94% of cash flow is regulated. The breakout above $60 was good. Today it went up during a strong sell-off. (Analysts’ price target is $72.21)
He's owned this for a while. Any dip, he buys. It went up today during a wide market sell-off. They can expand organically with existing customers. They always do well during market volatility, and always a take-out candidate (and one day it will happen). (Analysts’ price target is $63.36)
(A Top Pick Sep 12/19, Down 30%) It's accelerated after phase one was announced (the US-China treaty). It enjoyed a big move today. Excellent balance sheet. He likes it and will hold it. Risk/reward is pretty good. But if this doesn't inch up to $20, he will bail.
(A Top Pick Sep 12/19, Up 6%) The sector is interesting, though he sold Illumina, because the holding got too big. They supply testing machines for mines, which creates recurring revenues. Stick with it.