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(A Top Pick Feb 04/19, Up 16%) He swapped out to CNR-T. He is still in the space. The fact that rails have not 'come off the rails' is an endorsement that as long as we have economic headwinds, things are cooking along. You'll do well in either name a year from now.
(A Top Pick Feb 04/19, Up 22%) Insurance has been pretty reliable, especially in the US. It will kind of hang around here and you could pick it up in the high $70's. Earnings will continue to accelerate. He is buying this.
(A Top Pick Feb 04/19, Down 6%) This is much more about the trade issues. We've come back to last year's levels. Investors are coming in here.
We are trying to bottom here. A year from now energy will be a good risk/reward.
It covers the 50 largest Chinese stocks. We are coming back to test. Really good risk/reward.