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(A Top Pick May 06/19, Down 6%) What did not happen this year was there was not the usual seasonal uptick in June. A long term hold. He thinks biotech is the next wave that drives markets for the next generation. Everyone should own biotech in their portfolio.
(A Top Pick May 06/19, Down 29%) He was looking for a seasonal trade in the summer. It is still making higher lows and has a good yield. If you don't own energies, this is a good one.
(A Top Pick May 06/19, Up 28%) Gold is just getting going. This is more than a seasonal move. He sees a nice floor at $120 for this stock. Resolution to the China trade issue, the US dollar would weaken and make this a great buy.
Trading at near all time highs, it has the best chart of the Canadian banks. The breakout above $64 was followed with good earnings being reported. Yield 4.01% (Analysts’ price target is $65.64)
An example of where past support in 2017 is making this low risk. An excellent balance sheet and improving operational metrics. He thinks it is difficult for competitors to bring on new copper production. A break below $19.25 on a month or weekly basis would mean bigger problems are coming. Yield 0.91%. (Analysts’ price target is $34.75)