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(A Top Pick Jan 10/19, Down 0.5%) Still likes it. It's cyclical and a heartbreaking stock with so many politics involved. Given volatility he will take some profits sooner than later. Long-term could be challenging. Today, it's good based on risk/reward. At least worth looking at. If it breaks below $2, there's 10% downside vs. 100% upside.
(A Top Pick Jan 10/19, Down 5%) Volatile. Big move down from mid-April to end-May due to trade issues and the U.S. dollar. It's been choppy and rangebound since 2016, but it could breakout to $45. You are paid to wait.
(A Top Pick Jan 10/19, Up 17%) Has been on a nice uptrend since the year started with little volatility, and since mid-2017 has enjoyed a longer uptrend. Still a core position for him.
He believes in healthcare as a secular play though this sector is a political hot potato. HC's seasonality is about to start, but you really need to hold this long term.
Since early spring 2018, it's fallen from $120 to current resistance around $80. It's had a 33% increase in EBITDA. EPS is down a bit from acquisitions, but estimates for 2020 are 48% higher. The CPP Investment Board just bought a big stake. (Analysts’ price target is $90.73)