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(A Top Pick Jun 07/19, Up 21%) We saw the period of seasonal strength. If it breaks below $14.50 we may be in trouble. If you want to make money, buy the producers. They lead the way.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/19, Up 6%) We have resistance below $110 where we are today. He believes in a long term secular thesis for healthcare. If you can get it when it tanks a bit and then hold it for a long time that is better. You want to hold this sector.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/19, Down 4%) You don't want to be in this right now because the trend is not there. You were getting a good deal on this one. The recent downtrend was based on China trade wars so it was temporary.
They are a safe way to play the bounce back. Third quarter results were in line. There is capital spending increasing modestly. The dividend is increasing modestly. He just picked this one up. It has a nice trend. (Analysts’ price target is $55.81)
It is the most amazing stock. They reported a no-surprise quarter. They just made an acquisition. It has recovered really nicely since July. It is a good core holding. It is fairly tightly held. (Analysts’ price target is $63.07)