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(A Top Pick Apr 15/19, Down 24%) Sold it. He was convinced print media would come back and it didn't. It was a mistake.
(A Top Pick Apr 15/19, Up 33%) The Chinese are keen on brands, and Apple is superb with branding. He hung onto it, not selling as it rose. Apple's vast cash is a hedge if there's any downturn.
(A Top Pick Apr 15/19, Up 30%) It's become a consolidator (which he prefers to a roll-up), because being a consolidator gives Boyd a platform for acquisitions and reduces overall costs. Boyd is a go-to to consolidate tens of thousands of auto body shops. They will expand to the U.S. as a stock, which is okay to hold in an RRSP but not a taxable account.
A consolidator in storage--building and acquiring storage companies. Demographics help SVI as again boomers move out of their old houses and have to store their stuff. He's long owned this. Has huge growth ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $3.54)
Three years ago, it merged with Progressive Waste Solutions to become a leader in waste collection. WCN has a strong balance sheet and low-cost disposal services. It's still a fragmented, local industry while WCN is a massive national company. (Analysts’ price target is $130.90)