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(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Down 3%) This was a theme of trying to catch a falling knife. He was surprised how it got wiped out and he got stopped out earlier. They spun out the Canadian utilities business, which was unexpected. This left the US acquisition in Washington. The market didn't like the debt level, when interest rates were going up.
(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Up 2%) He actually doubled up on this position. What has transformed the business is that natural gas processing margins have expanded. They outlined a large infrastructure plan for 2022 to take advantage of growing production. In three years time the company's earnings will be very positive, he feels. Yield 5.8%
(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Down 50%) Natural gas and liquids cash flows have been challenged. He loves the management team here. He was stopped out in the fall. Now, the company is incredibly cheap and natural gas prices are improving. He would buy this again.
At this point in time, this is simply the highest free cash flow company in the space.
If oil prices live in this range and the differentials get fixed overtime, this company generates so much cash flow it holds no debt in 4 years time very conservatively, he thinks. Yield 4.45% (Analysts’ price target is $45.32)