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Still likes the exposure to gold. It has cleaned up their finances and assets. He believes it can go up to $50 in the next couple years. The cycle is probably much longer. (Analysts’ price target is $42.44)
It offers safety with a stable income. Utilities are defensive and it just pulled back so it is a good opportunity. A high quality Canadian business. (Analysts’ price target is $59.81)
A stable cyclical business. They distribute steel throughout North America. A volume business. A great business with stable dividend that is inexpensive right now. (Analysts’ price target is $20.25)
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Down 17%) Still a core holding for them. The nervousness is in their natural gas business. Gas supply is now on a better footing. A high quality infrastructure business.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Up 9%) It has recovered from a valley it hit during March. They didn't add it back when it dropped since there were so many other good opportunities.