Jeff Parent B. Eng. FCSI CIM
Member since: Nov '06
VP & Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer at
Castlemoore Inc.

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(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 47%) He sold and minimized his losses and kept the money in cash. He always uses stops. Don't buy it now.
(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 54%) He sold last fall around low-$40's so didn't suffer the drop to the low-$20's (where this stock is now).
(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 55%) All energy stocks have gone down, but he's buying them now as they bottom. He sold this before it really plunged.
Good dividend and fine chart. Exit if it falls below $16.40. He likes where this going. The chart isn't effected by anything in the world, and utilities have been doing well. This could fall back to low-$16's, but the trend should continue up, growing a lot more. (Analysts’ price target is $17.97)
It's consolidating. You can hold all the Canadian banks and reduce risk on individual banks, which have been deeply oversold in Canada. This can gain $2-3 before year-end, and it pays a 4% dividend. Sell below $26.80.