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(Top Pick Nov 16/12, Down 74.10%) Management stumbled several times and stock is in the penalty box. By end of November, they had a large royalty deal, but they had under delivered. There has been a management change. New Management is very capable. He thinks it is officially cheap. He is sticking with it. Nothing wrong with the company.
(Top Pick Nov 16/12, Up 41.94%) Well positioned for western Canadian oil and gas services. If you believe in LNG, they will do well. Thinks it is fundamentally cheap.
(Top Pick Nov 16/12, Down 25.74%) It is a sum of the parts story. It is the Madagascar project and people are looking at the nickel price. If it stays down a long time a lot of their competitors will shut down. Over 5% dividend. He would like the company to buy back stock.
He just bought yesterday and owns 14.2%. He backed up the truck because it was a devalued play. Canadian company with mine in Peru. Came out with info today saying all is going well. Pure play on zinc. Zinc will probably be in a deficit position in a year or so. Excellent management. They have a good balance sheet. No controlling shareholder and it may be in play.
Management. Dividend. Recently was named a transformational acquirer. Blackshire is enabling them to keep paying their dividend.