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A perennial 20% revenue grower, dominant in cloud and e-retailer with a great holiday season. They're pushing one-day shipping that'll pressure competitors. (Analysts’ price target is $2187.88)
A big health insurer in America, growing 15% annually with dividend growth. It's been held back because of concerns over whether US healthcare coverage will be reformed by politicians. But the health system there is so massive, it'll be hard to change. UNH is so dominant, it'll grow 10-12% annually with technology to help. (Analysts’ price target is $335.74)
People are using credit cards more and cash less. Credit card applications and applications continue to soar. Visa just bought Plaid that'll accelerate their fintech division and lead to peer-to-peer transactions like VMO. (Analysts’ price target is $212.86)
(A Top Pick Jan 04/19, Up 30%) A perennial top pick. He's owned this forever. It's a dominant player in online advertiser. Though the founders have stepped aside, their replacement is doing a good job, which may lead to more financial discipline and boost profits further. True, there are anti-trust fears that are real, but governments are discovering that it's not that easy, that they can't regulate consumer preferences. Apple is trading at reasonable valuations for its growth rate which is 20% for years to come.
(A Top Pick Jan 04/19, Up 21%) The best, most innovative medical device company around. It's come off its highs recently as it acquired a spinal business, but it has room to run. It's long grown its earnings for many years. They excel at buying small companies specializing in hips, knees and spines.