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Their new annual report announced that their resource estimate in the oil sands was bumped from 11 billion barrels to 14 billion. Low-cost producer in the industry with enormous unbooked assets.
One of North America's largest oil pipeline companies. Most closely tied to major oil sands expenditures and growth. Have $8 billion in construction projects on their drawing boards. A growth story. Terrific dividend history.
Natural gas focused. Projecting 8000 barrels a day in production growth versus 5000 at the end of 2005. Fundamentally cheap. A good contrarian move.
Doesn't own. Have sold their Syrian assets at a great price. Later this year, they will disclose their oil sands plans in Fort McMurray. Trades at 10 X earnings.
The Horizon oil project is a $10 billion project expected to develop 230,000 barrels a day. The project is on time and on budget.