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Has taken some share of the wireless networking industry over the years and have about a 12% share. When talking to distributors and customers of wireless network products, they feel this company a half a step ahead of Cisco (CSCO-Q) and maybe a full step ahead of some of the others in the business. Very cheap. PE is about 24.29.
This is a great opportunity. Headquartered in New Orleans. Good operators. After the crisis, they bought a number of different banks from the FDIC that were in trouble. Some of the banks gave them more exposure in Texas and Alabama so they are positioned across the southeast where economic growth is better. Yield of 2.54%.
You are seeing some of the PMIs (Purchasing Managers Index) pick up. This company is a distributor of tools, primarily metalworking. They are taking share from the smaller mom and pop companies. A little beat up lately but if the industrial picture picks up a bit, this company has great leverage to US manufacturing. Yield of 1.55%.
A semi-conductor company. In a transition phase. Used to make mostly commodity products but is now going proprietary which are all about power management in PC's, home appliances, flourescent lighting, etc. Looking to increase margins to 50% and the market hasn't accepted this yet.
Primarily involved in cardiovascular products. Half the business is in heart valve therapy with about 45% of market share. Have some new products that could create new markets for them and this hasn't been priced into the stock.