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Likes high-grade deposits where you don’t have to move so much rock around. Hinge deposit at its Rice Lake project is looking more and more like Goldcorp’s (G-T) Red Lake find. In production now with lower grade mill feed and expect they will start showing a profit when it gets up to about 800 tons per day before the end of the year.
Silver producer in Mexico. Has produced its first operating profit in Q1. Reached record silver production in Q2. Will be growing production from 1.1 million ounces to 8 million ounces by 2011. Also has a lower grade project in Mexico that will boost the levels of production. Costs are falling dramatically.
(A Top Pick May 21/08. Down 36%.) Down due to a malaise in the small cap mining stocks. Exploration is going very well. Have an open pit mine that is about 5 grams per ton that they are feeding their mill with. Still likes.
(A Top Pick May 21/08. Down 7%.) Loves this company. Has Kinross (K-T) and some very hefty shareholders behind it. One of his favourites.
Developing the Spanish mountain gold project in British Columbia. Sedimentary-hosted gold system is a new type of deposit to North America. Low grade, but very large. Have between 1.7 and 3.5 million ounces so far but only 20% of the main zone has been drilled. About a 97% success ratio on drilling. Speculative. Grossly undervalued.