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(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Up 39%) He's picked this many times. They have a high-quality platinum palladium deposit in South Africa and the highest-grade zinc in the Congo; and likely the best copper discovery. Yes, there's a lot of political risk in the Congo and South Africa, so that's a warning.
(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Up 40%) A stand up performer. Their mine is getting better and better. They had a great quarter this year. There's pressure on the company to do something, but the CEO doesn't make mistakes. Buy this if you like gold.
(A Top Pick Nov 06/18, Up 81%) In a few years when their Turkish mine goes online, the stock will jump much higher. This stock has given a lot to investors in the past year, so what is there left to give? Great managers and cash flow. They've bought back shares, which is always a good sign.
They have a developing tier-one deposit that they major would fight over. Downside is they haven't proven the huge upside, though they have proven the high grade. Also this is Bosnia, a post-conflict country without a mining code. This is a risky investment but offers great potential. He owns a lot of it. (Analysts’ price target is $1.74)
Oil and Africa are both out of favour, so that's why he likes AOI. There's a LOT of political risk here, Kenya, but a billion barrels were discovered her which will reach markets in 2-3 years. They just did a $1.6 billion acquisition offshore Nigeria. A contrarian play. Be patient with this and avoid the headlines. (Analysts’ price target is $1.96)