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(A Top Pick Aug 25/20, Up 7%) They suffered because of a lack of elective surgeries. The backlog of two to three years is going to start to put the earnings upwards. It is actually quite cheap where it stands now. The have a good history of free cash flow generation.
(A Top Pick Aug 25/20, Up 40%) He is very happy with what it is doing. They are involved with all of the telecom 4-G/5-G chips that are taking hold as well as autonomous vehicles. It has done well simply because of a chip shortage. They will expand from North America to global sales. He would buy it now.
(A Top Pick Aug 25/20, Up 27%) They just merged with another healthcare company. This is a solid company that grows profits and dividend about 10% a year. He believes there is a lot of good news to come.
Their business should pickup , after COVID in two areas, which have suffered. Their free cash flow continues to grow. (Analysts’ price target is $79.33)
They are an asset-light company. It has a huge runway moving forward. (Analysts’ price target is $114.67)