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More upside than Potash (POT-T) because of a more diversified fertilizer base including potash, phosphate and nitrogen. Massive retail system through US and Canada and expanding into Europe.
7% royalty and 15% equity in Iron Ore Co. Iron Ore Co. is in the process of spending $500 million to expand production. Strong iron ore needs, particularly in China and India.
Rapidly rising production profile and steadily rising reserves. Good diversification with 1) the Thai process, 2) the Bakken field in Saskatchewan and 3) the 76.5% interest in Petrominerales (PMG-T).
(A Top Pick Mar 20/07. Down 18%.) Didn’t meet earning target in the 1st quarter. Also a couple of lawsuits by franchisees turned investors off as well as consumer weakness. Still good value in cash flow earnings and growth. Attractive Buying opportunity.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/07. Down 19%.) Sales have been pretty steady but hasn’t grown as expected partly because of weakness in the US housing sector. Sold his holdings.