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(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Up 116%) Has been a great play. Has mines in Turkey. Had zero debt and was developing its mines. There is political risk, but the mine is located far enough from the action. Has come online under budget and on time. Could go up more, and could hit the double digits.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Down 1%) Will become a complete wealth management company. Pays a good dividend. A company in transition so there is still some things to see. Might move into insurance.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Up 4%) Moved into the internet of things. It's a top pick again this time around.
Lost 6 million dollars this past quarter, but the earn out is positive. Looks bad, because they had to pay $10M. The CEO comes from OpenText, and they are looking to make acquisitions. A conservative management team. In court with Apple, and they won. They could win up to $110M. The decision will come out in January. (Analysts’ price target is $4.84)
Up 10%. They used to pay a dividend of 24 cents before the great recession. He expects them to raise dividends soon. Management team is good, and their capitalization ratio is good. Could see a dividend hike before 2020. Interest rates are going down so people should be cautious, but is hopeful.