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(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Down 88%) He sold at $3.22, taking a big loss. They have a lot of worries. They are looking to sell the company. They might just liquidate the company, but clean up could be very expensive. He does not like stock consolidations and used that as a trigger to get out. He would not buy this now. He made a mistake -- when debt came down, so too did revenues.
(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Down 35%) He sold this at $3. They offered to buy 15 million shares of stock and the took the offer. He is glad to be out. Sales are falling and they have closed 48 stores. He wonders if management should be changed. Their online sales have been going up, growing by 50% annually, but he questions how much is actually being bought online.
(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Down 8%) He owned this year's ago. It used to have a tendency to spike in a few years. It is one of the most boring businesses -- digitizing data. Management has not changed for over 15 years. The conference calls have not been full of optimism, but he will continue to keep it on his buy list.
Based in New York and operates in Germany. Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil do the drilling and they earn a royalty. They have 9 years in reserves and Vermilion has an option to drill three wells. Yield 14.87%
They build modular spaces and have been hit by the fall in the oil and gas sector. They no longer pay a dividend. He thinks revenues are growing by over 11% annually and they are expanding into the US -- over 65% of sales now. Management is very straightforward. They are helping provide housing in California after the fires. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $2.78)