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(A Top Pick Jun 21/17, Down 54%) They were acquired at a lower price than his entry. A new CEO had come on, who had great past successes. He knew it had difficulties, but also high potential returns. The new CEO was not performing so he got out at a higher value.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/17, Down 42%) The company has still had issues with its debt -- albeit the debt is lower today. He didn't take into account that the revenues could also fall, while the debt was declining. He continues to hold as he personally has it in his RRSP. Very high risk today.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/17, Down 48%) They make electronics and truck components. They have chronically under-delivered. At the same time they had very little debt and were cutting expenses. Now trading under $1, they may become delisted.
They just had a bad quarter and the stock price has been beaten down. This could become a 4-bagger. He likes management and likes the dividend while he waits for things to improve. Yield 7.06% (Analysts’ price target is $4.90)
They do site construction with modular development. They participated in the rebuild following the California wildfires. Debt is coming down. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $3.33)