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(A Top Pick Sep 05/19, Up 48%) It is a great Canadian business. It is asset light and has little capital expenditure. They are into a franchise business (California Closets), and a property management business, doing a lot of gated communities in the US and Canada. It is still a fragmented business. They grow organically and by acquisition. He will continue to buy it here.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/19, Up 1%) He would buy it here as well. They made an acquisition and there is cost cutting they can do. They are well ahead of expectations in their streaming company. The parks business has to come back on because that drives a lot of their revenue. If it does, it will do very well. You should see a decent 2021 in the movie business.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/19, Up 21%) It's not an expensive stock and has a moat around itself. About half of all advertizing today is digital. Google owns 30% of all digital advertizing in the US. They continue to execute very well. They continue to grow. They are 70% of all search.
It has a 3% dividend yield and trades at 0.8-0.9 times book value. They increased profitability by reducing costs. They took less of a loan loss provision than the other banks. They have a great balance sheet and will continue to pay their dividend. They have a great capital markets and wealth management business. (Analysts’ price target is $27.91)
Medical devices. A lot of elective surgeries were put off but are now coming back. They acquired an ankle and wrist company. There is good international growth. There is a risk in the steep learning curve on these products. (Analysts’ price target is $213.91)