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(A Top Pick Mar 12/20, Up 34%) A great company. Pharma, medical technology and consumer products are its three divisions, so if one lags, the others pick up the slack. Has great cash flow and pays an increasing yield. They came out with a Covid vaccine quickly. Developing drugs is a risk, because it depends on FDA approval, but JNJ operates three divisions to spread overall risk. He likes that, unlike pure pharma which depend on their drug pipeline.
(A Top Pick Mar 12/20, Up 80%) He's owned this for a long time. Azure and 365 are doing incredibly well, which helps LinkedIn. He expects good margin growth, and cloud computing will continue to grow aggressively. Remote working depend on the cloud, for example. Data that MSFT collects from clients can apply to virtual reality for AI, so those are possibilities for growth. So, a lot of levers will drive MSFT for several years. Would buy this again.
(A Top Pick Mar 12/20, Up 33%) It's down slightly for the year, given the reopening rally, but COST will emerge as a post-Covid winner. Memberships provide strong revenue to make up weakness in other parts of their business. Their signature brand, Kirkland, is doing very well. They boast the best traffic growth among retailers. He expects a rise in membership fees that will increase revenues. COST has excelled during the pandemic and will continue. They've done a fine job in e-commerce.
The yield curve is steepening which will help revenues. They have held reserves very well, and these are coming off and going to the bottom line now. The Fed after June will allow banks for buyback shares and increase their dividends, too. Also, BAC has lowered their costs and using technology more efficiently. The U.S. banks are seeing growth. Wealth management business is also increasing. It pays a reasonable dividend that's rising and it trades at only 13x PE. (Analysts’ price target is $38.63)
It trades at 17x PE. Cybersecurity will be an big issue as companies around the world (the recent MSFT breach is an example). We've digitized so quickly during Covid, so that's led to more security problems, and this won't go away. Federal governments around the world are looking into these bad actors. CHKP has many new products coming to serve the cloud business. They beat their quarter, but offered poor guidance, because they're moving to a subscription-based operation. That said, he expects growth in several more quarters. (Analysts’ price target is $133.10)