Paul Harris, CFA
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(A Top Pick Jun 26/20, Up 40%) Still buying it here. Pandemic has slowed livestock segment. Pet side has been growing like gangbusters. Easy to bring product to market, not a lot of insurance, not many generics. Will continue to see growth. Free cashflow, great balance sheet, executes well.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/20, Up 50%) Huge backlog of surgeries due to Covid. Really improves quality of life. Terrific brand loyalty. Good demographic play. More upside. Will keep raising dividend, buying back shares, making acquisitions.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/20, Up 45%) Software solutions for travel agencies and airlines. Good growth opportunities after the pandemic. Fully funded until 2022.
Security and cybersecurity. Trades at 18-19x earnings. Lots of free cashflow growth. A growing area, because we've digitized quickly over the last couple of years. Moving to a SaaS model plus new products, which are producing lumpy quarters. Incredibly well run. Buy at these levels. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $133.63)
Valuable assets. Monetization still to come. Good cashflow growth over next several years. Gains a lot of benefit from advertising. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $384.17)