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(A Top Pick Aug 30/18, Down 14%) US banking is very cheap, lots of capital. Can't compare them to European banks. Great story, buying probably at or below book value. Dividend of 2.1% and increasing. Buying back shares. Good chance to get in.
(A Top Pick Aug 30/18, Up 5%) Still likes it. Industry's consolidated in the last while. Restructured business nicely. Oil business is helping. A lot of good things happening. More environmentally friendly than trucking. A great company to own.
(A Top Pick Aug 30/18, Up 23%) Love it. Great Canadian company. Manage condo properties. Can continue to do acquisitions, and continues to grow organically. Lots of room to grow. Great formula, execute incredibly well. Have a vision. Will continue to do well.
Low multiple. Net interest rate income is lower, but won't collapse. Great franchise. Below book value, good yield, no legal issues, tons of capital. Yield is 2.74%. (Analysts’ price target is $33.08)
Numbers didn't meet market expectations, so stock fell. Integrating complex companies. Programming content for a wide range of ages, so better than Netflix. Streaming online. Parks business, entertainment business. Thinks they'll keep paying down debt. Great story and brand. Yield is 1.32%. (Analysts’ price target is $154.71)