Paul Harris, CFA
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(A Top Pick May 21/19, Up 18%) Pharma company for animals, livestock and pets. Great story. Great company and an opportunity to do well.
(A Top Pick May 21/19, Down 16%) Medical devices, which is very strong. It's a practical way to keep people out of hospitals. Great story about demographics.
(A Top Pick May 21/19, Down 27%) Could take a position with fresh cash now. Trading well below book value. Lots of capital. In very good shape, and will continue to grow book value. Payout ratio in 25% range. Room to grow the dividend.
Defensive. One of the largest healthcare companies in the world. Medical devices, pharma, personal care products. Great story. Consistent dividend grower. Talcum litigation issue has been dealt with. Very stable company. Yield is 3.03%. (Analysts’ price target is $159.84)
Tons of free cash flow. Free cash flow growth. Being on the cloud makes working away from the office a lot simpler. The virus has made people understand that the cloud makes everything simpler. Will continue to grow in next little while. Yield is 1.47%. (Analysts’ price target is $196.34)