Paul Harris, CFA
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(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Up 21%) Sweet spot in the defence area. Defence spending going up globally. Pressure on NATO to increase spending. Likes it at these levels and would buy it here.
(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Up 16%) Really likes it. Makes money on each transaction. We're moving to a cashless society. Leading edge in fintech. Good opportunity for global growth.
(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Up 1%) Some of the best content in the world. Excellent job with its movie studios. Parks still make a lot of money, which is 41% of their business. Issues with China and Hong Kong will make next quarter difficult.
Book value of 1.8. Trading at 11x earnings. Built a reasonable franchise in the US. Banks have gone sideways this year, as people are worried about the real estate market and the highly levered consumer. Volatility in loan losses will be sorted out. Doesn't think we'll go into recession. Banks should continue to do well. Yield is 3.90%. (Analysts’ price target is $111.50)
Spanish company, but it trades in New York. IT consulting firm. Travel agents use their software. Also do check-ins at the boarding gate. Coronavirus has caused stock to drop. Great balance sheet, interest coverage, and free cash flow growth. Expanding their technology to other travel and tourism venues. Yield is 1.64%. (Analysts’ price target is $73.04)