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(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Up 1%) He still owns this and likes the defense sector. They have a $144 billion in back log orders and that will continue to grow. He thinks global defense spending will continue to grow. Aircraft and missile spending continues to grow. Operations a creating $23 billion of cash in the next three years. This allows for M&A and for dividend growth. It trades at 14 times earnings -- not expensive. Yield 3.2%
(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Up 10%) He continues to own this. It is really a toll booth -- they don't take on any credit risks, just the banks do. They have good organic growth and high teens earnings growth plus good cash flow. They use M&A and fintech to grow the business. The world is accelerating to a cashless society due to the pandemic.
(A Top Pick Jul 02/19, Down 22%) He still owns this. A lot of their revenue comes from parks, although they are slowly reopening. On the media side, there has been a delay in new movie releases. Their streaming business has beaten all expectations. A tough story for this year, better next year. They cut the dividend quickly and he sees this as a good signal that management can make tough decisions when needed.
An animal health care company that works with pets and livestock. There is over $15 billion in pet spending in the US today. There is not the same price pressure in pet health from insurance companies like in pharma. Getting a drug for a pet is easier and faster than for human use. On the livestock side, developing countries are consuming more protein. Yield 0.59% (Analysts’ price target is $136.14)
A medical device company. Elective surgeries have been slowed during the pandemic, but will still need to done. Demographics mean this will continue to grow. There is brand loyalty in the space as parts are not easily exchangeable. About 25% of cash flow goes to dividends and the rest towards acquisitions and paying down debt. Yield 1.31% (Analysts’ price target is $205.63)