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(A Top Pick Nov 05/19, Up 46%) It is a great Canadian Company. He likes that it. It is asset light and has little fixed costs. They grew the business through organic growth and tuck-in acquisitions. Buy it now on weakness. They continue to execute incredibly well.
(A Top Pick Nov 05/19, Down 3%) It has bounced back. The cruise and park businesses are a chunky part of their overall revenue. A lot of their movies have not been able to come out into theatres. They bought FOX but the sweet spot was Disney plus, their streaming product. They need to have more content on a regular basis. You will do well with it over the next couple of years and this is a good chance to buy it.
(A Top Pick Nov 05/19, Up 26%) It is not an expensive stock. There is still secular growth. They have a strong franchise in search. He thinks their CAP-X spending will continue to drive them. Yahoo is bigger than Google, but Google just has a better product so he thinks antitrust is not an issue. He likes it here and would buy it here.
An IT company that is really exposed to travel businesses. They help with core IT services to hotels and resorts as well as travel web sites for consumers. They cut their divined and issued convertible debt. They are well funded out to 2022.
It is a toll booth, making 15 basis points on every transaction. They could grow their B2B business as well as growing internationally. It is a great story about going to less cash. They are reinvesting in their businesses.