Norman Levine
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Managing Director at
Portfolio Management Corp

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(A Top Pick Aug 14/18, Down 17%) This was spun out last year from MetLife. It is the personal life side of the business. He sold it early in the year. As interest rates were going higher it made sense to own, but as rates moved lower he exited.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/18, Up 7%) One of the largest pharma companies in the world. Their major products are looking good and their product pipeline has lots of opportunities.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/18, Down 14%) He sold out of it at $31.50. This stock has not gone anywhere for several years. They have not signed new contracts or acquiring, so he had enough and exited.
Brookfield made a US shopping centre acquisition and he thinks they will turn it around. A great value as it trades at a sizable discount to NAV. A very safe payout ratio, he believes. Yield 6.96% (Analysts’ price target is $31.07)
A safe haven stock. A great yield and the dividend grows yearly. If interest rates fall, it will continue to look good. Earnings are growing as well. Yield 5.14% (Analysts’ price target is $62.14)