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(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Down 74%) It has the problem that it has more debt than he would like because of an acquisition. They paid off a good chunk of the debt but there is still some left and they suffer compared to some others. It will look in the future as a super bargain at these levels. Some oil company somewhere in the world will go into bankruptcy. It makes no sense to sell it here.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Down 36%) Late last year it merged and it made them an even bigger presence in the south east US. It has a lot of cost cutting ahead of it. Long term he thinks the prospects are quite good.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Down 8%) All the new intelligent things going on in automotive makes them the biggest beneficiary of all this. He rode it up and then it came back. They are not going to go away. He is happy to own it and would buy on weakness.
It is a utility stock, a pipeline. It distributes to local people in parts of Southern Ontario. It delivers energy products and is being slammed with other energy stocks. He does not find it makes any sense. Today it is yielding 8.5%. In the long run it is going to be good. They raise their dividend every year. (Analysts’ price target is $57.95)
It is not economically sensitive even though the stock is getting hit. It is one of the biggest vaccine manufacturers in the world. They are working on a CoVid19 vaccine and they own an arthritis drug that could be a possible drug for treatment of CoVid19. (Analysts’ price target is $56.93)