Norman Levine
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(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Up 30%) A mid-cap specialty insurer. It can charge higher premiums as it is in niche markets. Their investing was very successful and they had lower insurance payouts.
(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Up 8%) Results were muted as the spring was wet for planting. Fall saw early snow and slowed demand. The thesis still stands, pricing will increase for potash and nutrients.
(A Top Pick Dec 20/18, Down 14%) He sold at just around $13. The largest auto parts distributor in Canada. The company fired their CEO and announced a strategic review and nothing has happened since. They have done nothing to reorganize. He would not touch it.
The ultimate value stock. Money is going back into value stock and it is showing with a technical breakout. He started buying for clients last week. Their may be a temporary setback if Warren or Charlie are not longer there as he believes there are already many qualified people making the investment decisions these days. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $248.75)
Money appears to be returning into the energy sector. They still have some debt, but the oil sands properties are good. They are 80% oil based and own two excellent refineries. Yield 1.95% (Analysts’ price target is $15.20)