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(A Top Pick Mar 3/05. Up 15.5%.) Still likes. Could still be bought. The long-term play is as Caterpillar (CAT-N) gets its equipment into the field, this company benefits from the higher margin repairs/maintenance.
(A Top Pick Mar 3/05. Down 1.5%.) Continues to execute on its strategy. They are now going directly to consumers. Competition is getting a little tougher.
(A Top Pick Mar 3/05. Up 3.3%.) Extremely cheap. Extremely cheap at 7 X earnings. Lots of upside over the long-term.
A little cautious in the energy sector, but still sees some opportunity. Likes their global diversification. Very cheap, probably due to their production out of Yemen. Have never had any interruption. North Sea project should give 80,000 barrels a day and Long Lake should give them 30,000.
Same store sales growth is attractive. Continues to add square footage. No hint of competition coming from the US. Great locations.