Brian Acker, CA
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Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

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(A Top Pick Apr 22/19, Down 4%) He has been pounding the table on this one for quite some time. He still owns it.
(A Top Pick Apr 22/19, Down 7%) If you can get this at $64 he would be very happy.
(A Top Pick Apr 22/19, Down 7%) He loves it. Old Tech. There is a new CEO coming in. It is a great company. They beat earnings estimates because everyone went out and bought laptops for work-at-home.
It is probably the highest quality bank in the US. Here it is EBV -3, 'at the blue'. This is a great opportunity. Insiders every day they are literally getting rid of regulations in terms of capital hits etc. Every day they strike out punitive regulations so when this is all said and done, these banks are going to be really good value. (Analysts’ price target is $32.92)
He would be a buyer here as it has dropped so much from the last time he recommended it. They announced they have something related to COVID-19 vaccination and can start human trials in late September. (Analysts’ price target is $157.85)