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(A Top Pick Jun 26/18, Down 5%) Still loves this despite pressure on chips due to the China-US trade war. $83.07 is his model price, 77% higher than current prices. Intel isn't as cyclical as its peers. You may need to wait for the next cycle in semis though.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/18, Down 0.5%) Flat. We don't know what will happen with interest rates. A lot of question marks with US banks, given the 2020 US election which may lead to the Democrats limiting these banks.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/18, Up 33%) He's long held and liked this. $71.14 is his model price.
Good support level currently. His model price is $83 and pays a dividend of 2.6%. You can ride out of the semis storm with this--it's relatively stable. Certainly buy more at $37. (Analysts’ price target is $53.13)
Buy on pullbacks. His model price is $861. Everyone is talking about anti-trusts, but anti-trusts take decades to process (IBM, Microsoft, AT&T). He'd like to see this at $1,000 to buy, but the current price is off its $1,300 highs. (Analysts’ price target is $1325.44)