Brian Acker, CA
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Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

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(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Down 3%) He still likes holding it. It is in his Top 15 US picks. It yields 5%. You get paid to wait and he thinks it will be stable. Their patents on clean tech are number one in the world, he believes.
(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Down 4%) All the drug stocks look so cheap here. His model price is $50.43.
(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Up 24%) Big upside still on this one as his model price is $100. Any balance sheet engineering on behalf of the new CEO could lead to more upside quickly. Yield 2%
His model price is $190.40 -- over 30% upside, he believes. He does not expect the talc problem to an issue and creates a great opportunity to buy in. Yield 2.6% (Analysts’ price target is $156.06)
He calls this old tech. They have done exceptionally well and has a model price of $70.00. Yield 2.96% (Analysts’ price target is $51.26)