Brian Acker, CA
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Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

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(A Top Pick Nov 02/18, Down 29%) It's so cheap now. It's a top pick today too.
(A Top Pick Nov 02/18, Up 9%) BAC is holding on as banks around the world are struggling. The most capitalized bank in America. It's been in a trading range the past year.
(A Top Pick Nov 02/18, Up 5%) He still likes it and would buy it. It's THE growth company. A must-own. They continue to dominate the cloud business.
$81.26 is his model price, 51% potential upside. Pays a 3.36% dividend. Good earnings. Trades at a low valuation. Good fundamentals. (Analysts’ price target is $58.39)
$170 is his model price, meaning 30% upside. Due to the asbestos lawsuit, this is now a good opportunity. Pays a good dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $148.84)