Brian Acker, CA
Member since: Oct '00
Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Up 31%) He still loves it and would buy more. His model price is $104. A stock you will live for another day.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Up 27%) He would buy it again here. It is now above his model price to buy at this time. It has monopoly type earnings. With interest rates staying near zero, it should continue to see increases in their valuation.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Up 60%) He has been a long term investor with them for years. The market is showing you which ones to own and this is one. Their model price valuation has $340 as the target. They continually buy back stock and keep adding value to shareholders. It could easily get to $450, especially if interest rates remain close to zero.
His model price is $83.64. Yield 1.81% (Analysts’ price target is $50.78)
A Top 100 S&P company, trading in US dollars. His model price is $133.28. A good pullback in price -- good value here. He sees supply chains coming back in health back to US companies. Yield 3.2% (Analysts’ price target is $93.68)