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MacAdam, Craig Portfolio Manager Aurion Capital
MacBain, Mike Founding Partner East Coast Funds Management
MacDonald, Paul Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager Harvest Portfolios Group
MacDonald, Geoff Vice President Aims Fund Management
Machel, Craig Associate Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor Macquarie Private Wealth
MacInnes, Steve Chief Investment Officer Inhance Investment Management
Mack, Joey Director, Fixed Income ScotiaCapital
Macklin, Ted Managing Director Guardian Capital
MacLachlan, Bill Director Mawer Investment Mngmnt
MacMillan, Steve Vice President of Investments KBSH Capital Management
MacNeill, Glenn CIO & Sr. Portfolio Manager Lawrence Asset Management
Madden, Brian Madden Senior VP & Portfolio Manager Goodreid Investment Council
Majendie, Nick Director & Senior Portfolio Manager Scotia Wealth Management
Manley, John Technical Analyst Innovative Options Group
Mann, Jason Mann CIO & Co-Founder Edgehill Patners
Mann, Peter Mann Portfolio Manager Gluskin Scheff & Assoc.
Marcin, Barbara Portfolio Manager Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund
Marks, Lesley Vice President & Portfolio Manager Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Martin, Steve Associate Portfolio Manager CrestStreet Asset Management
Mason, David Chief Executive Officer Augen Capital Corp
Masson, Stephen Portfolio Manager Altamira Investment Services
Maxwell, Charles Senior Energy Analyst Weeden & Co.
Mayer, Jason Portfolio Manager Middlefield Capital
Mazumdar, Joe Mazumdar Editor & Analyst Exploration Insights
McCall, Matt McCall President Penn Financial Group
McCauley, Hugh Director & Lead Portf Mgr Acuity Investment Management Inc.
McCoach, Greg President The Mining Speculator
McColl, John Equity Mngr Scotia McLeod
McConnachie, Rob Chief Investment Officer Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel
McCord, Ken President Alpha Pro Management
McCreath, Andrew Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital
McGovern, Jim McGovern CEO Arrow Capital Management
McHugh, Pat Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
McIntyre, Sandy Vice-Chairman and CIO Sentry Select Capital Corp
McKay, Kyle Portfolio Manager Leeward Hedge Funds
McKeough, Pat Editor The Successful Investor
McLean, David Portfolio Manager McLean AssetMngmnt
McNamee, Jordan McNamee Portfolio Manager Cambridge Global Asset Management
McNamee, Roger Co-Founder Elevation Partners
McWhirter, Bob President Selective Asset Management
Meisels, Ron President P & C Holdings
Meyer, Allan VP & Portfolio Manager Wickham Investment Counsel
Michael, Irwin Portfolio Manager ABC Funds
Mifsud, Gail Senior Real Estate Analyst Blackmont Capital
Mikalachki, Rob Portfolio Manager InvescoTrimark
Millar, Craig Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Mgr Norrep Funds
Miller, Liz Miller President Summit Place Financial Advisors
Milner, Brian Columnist Globe and Mail
Misener, Steven Portfolio Manager C.I. Mutual Funds
Missaghie, Michael VP & Sr. Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
Mitchell, Dennis Executive Vice-President & Chief Investment Office Sentry Select Capital Corp
Modesto, Ryan Modesto Managing Partner 5i Research
Moffett, James Portfolio Manager UMB Scout WorldWide Funds
Mordy, Tyler Mordy President & CIO Forstrong Global Asset Management
Morgan, David The Silver Investor
Morrison, Scott Senior Portfolio Manager Empire Financial Group
Morrison, Jeff Portfolio Manager Bisset American Equity Funds
Mortimer, Roger Portfolio Manager Aim Investments
Muehelemann, Werner Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager ING Funds
Murdock, Neil Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
Murray, Bruce Murray CEO & Chief Investment Officer The Murray Wealth Group
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