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Name Title Company
Laboucan, Allan Editor Allan Barry Reports
Lackey, Mark Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager Hampton Securities Ltd.
Lane, Alex Vice President & Portfolio Manager Dynamic Funds
Lannon, Charles Director of Research Toron Investment Management
Larson, Paul Equity strategist MorningStar Inc.
Lash, Gretchen Chief Executive Officer Engemann Asset Management
Lato, Don President Padlock Investment Management
Lau, Laura Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital
Lauzon, Robert Deputy Chief Investment Officer Middlefield Capital Corporation
LeClair, Randy Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager Portland Investment Counsel
Lee-Chin, Michael Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Ma AIC Limited
Leung, James Assistant Vice President of Investments MacKenzie Financial
Levine, Norman Managing Director Portfolio Management Corp
Levkovich, Tobias Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Smith Barney Citigroup
Linde, Teal Linde Portfolio Manager & Publisher, Linde Equity Report Linde Equity Report
Linder, Peter Advisor DeltaOne Energy Fund
Lloyd, Daniel Lloyd Founder & Portfolio Manager Sui Generis Investment Partners
Loughery, George Vice President of Investments Seamark Asset Management
Lowe, Chris Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
Lundquist, Leslie Lead Manager Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Lyon, Bob Senior. Vice President & Portfolio Manager AGF Funds Inc.
Lyons, Mike Chief Investment Officer Lyons Asset Management
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