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7 Essential Tips and Tools to Succeed as a Canadian DIY Investor

The DIY Toolkit… With new fintech tools, low-cost ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and powerful online brokerage, it has never been easier to be a DIY investor. Still, do-it-yourself investing is not for everyone. It requires time, money, a willingness to learn and dedication to succeed as a DIY investor. 1. You need discipline 2. You need an asset allocation plan 3. You need a brokerage account that enables automation 4. You need to stick to your plan 5. You need some guidance and help picking stocks 6. You need to track your progress 7. You need to prevent emotions getting in the way We’ll tell you how we do it. And we’ll tell you about 7 tools we use to do it better. Discipline Learn from the experts Experienced investors start with an edge, but you can catch up quickly by learning from the experts and start winning in the market too.┬áIn order to establish your own rule system for investing, we suggest you learn from the success and mistakes of those who have been in the game before. TOOL #1 OF 7 Build your disciplined approach with the free 72 rules for winning in the market eBook Robin’s Speziale’s 72 […]