The New Stockchase

Hey Stock Chasers! 

We are happy to announce that Wealthica, a Fintech startup created by mega-successful iWeb trio, offering Canadian investors a consolidated view of their net worth, announces the acquisition of Stockchase (that's us), a popular online publication offering a quick and easy way to discover your next favorite investment stocks.

In the last days, the whole team has been working on rebranding Stockchase's image, a new logo and a new site layout.  We know that long time stock chasers might be used to the original  layout and that such changes can destabilize long time users.  We tried to keep some key elements of the old site like the search bar and the tables so you don't have a hard time finding the links you were used to.   We also tried to make good use of the homepage that was mostly a navigation page. Now you can find a short list of the latest opinions on the home page.  We went mostly with a simple white layout.  We really hope you'll like it.  We feel this design will help us make a better first impression to our new first time visitors and allow us to attrack a new generation of Stock Chasers.

We'd like to know what you think.  Whether you like it or not, we're hearing you and will consider all your comments as much as we can.

“It all started with the idea of publishing my father’s notes online. That was in 2003. We’ve been running Stockchase as a family business since then. We never thought so many people would be interested in following us.” said Stockchase co-founder Chris Bruner. 

“We are happy it has been acquired by a team of talented app developers. Stockchase’s community will benefit from future site enhancements and integrations between the content site and Wealthica.”  he added.

With more than 500,000 page views per month, Stockchase is among the top Canadian personal finance web sites.

“We were surprised by the assiduity of the Stockchase community that have been coming back to the site steadily since many years. We look forward to pursuing the Bruner's tradition of providing stock opinions and enhance it with app integrations, more content and new features. We now have 150,000 monthly visitors to showcase our apps to and firmly believe Stockchase will be key in our quest to give investors the true picture of their investment portfolio.” said Wealthica’s CEO Simon Boulet.

Many enhancements and more content will be coming to Stockchase in the near future.

About Stockchase

Since 2003, Stockchase compiles comments that experts make about stocks, every day and enables investors to discover their next favourite stock. It’s useful as an online investing tool for due diligence and for getting a feel for how companies are thought of by investment experts.

About Wealthica

Wealthica allows Canadian investors to see all their investments in a single dashboard. Each day, Wealthica connects to a growing list of 30+ Canadian institutions and retrieves account balances, positions and transactions. With the Wealthica API, software vendors and other Fintech companies can integrate the Wealthica aggregation platform into their own softwares or investment portals.