Using StockChase | StockChase

StockChase is a database of comments made by experts talking about stocks on public TV.

Normally a show such as Market Call on BNN has a guest that gives his opinion on the stock market, then people call in and ask about the stocks that interest them. The guest also gives his top picks. StockChase takes all this information and condenses it to allow you to quickly see multiple points of view on a stock and the market, made by people in the business.


If you were registered but are having problems logging in, or are no longer receiving emails let us know (use the link at the bottom of the page). Our old site allowed multiple user names with the same email, this one doesn't, so it may have your old user name.

Getting Around

Opinions have links to Experts and Companies.

Experts have links to Opinions they have made, and the Companies they have opinions on. Some experts also have links outside of StockChase, to their own pages.  (If you are an expert on StockChase, Send us your information and we will include it.)

Companies have lists of Opinions which have links to Experts.  Companies also have links to the Globe 200 day average, Google Finance, and the Yahoo Finance, for the company.

As you can see, it is very easy to research a company, and find what other experts are saying. It's always better to get multiple opinions about a stock; this is one way to do this. 

Email Notices

StockChase provides 2 different types of emails. 

Top Picks emails are sent out nightly showing the day's top picks that experts have made. As we usually do two shows, you will usually get the top picks from both shows. In the emails are links to the Companies (see above) as well as what the opinion was. The emails also have links to the Expert who's opinion we are showing.

Portfolio emails are sent out nightly showing the comments made about stocks in your portfolio. If you haven't put any stocks in your portfolio, or a comment wasn't made about any of the stocks in your portfolio, then you will not get an email. The email format is the same as the Top Picks.

Emails are only available if you have opted in for emails on your Account page, AND have selected a schedule for your emails.  If you select a day on your schedule, you will only receive emails on that day which will cover all the action for the previous week. 

Table Views

Table Views show the same data as companies, experts and opinions in a table format. This is useful if you want to filter a range, for instance showing data from 12 years ago for a certain company.

We feel that StockChase provides a useful and valuable tool in your arsenal for wise investing in the stock market.

Good luck!