Update | StockChase



So we've added a few things to the site. Some more still to come, but we thought we would give this a test run.

  1. We have charts!
  2. We have questions right to MarketCall
  3. We have subscriptions (coming soon)
  4. We have new portfolio (coming soon)


We've added charts all over the place. Where you will find them extra useful is in looking at experts past comments. The charts next to comments are from that date on, for a month. Once subscriptions start you can get six months of information on the chart.  Note that we can't guarantee the information in the charts, so you should use them only as a rough guide. As such we need to opt-in to use the charts, so we know that you understand this. To opt-in, head over to your profile page and check the box.  If you have problems logging in, contact us with the email at the bottom of the page. (StockChase Site Problems).

We also show a chart of the company for up to the past 6 months on the company pages. 

Questions for Marketcall:

Often people have a question they would like to ask, but find it hard to talk on the phone on air. Marketcall and Marketcall at noon will take questions from tweets. You don't know tweets, not a problem. You can ask your question and we will send it off for you.  

We have a subscription service (coming soon):

Lots of benefits with this. It will have it's own anouncement.

New Portfolio System (coming soon):

We've expanded the portfolio system so that it tracks the date you bought, if an expert had inspired you to buy (and their comments on that stock from the week before) the cost of buying and selling. (As well as charts of course). Subscribers will be able to have alerts about stocks.