Thumbs UP | StockChase

Now you can have your say!

When StockChase first started we rated the experts. This made us uncomfortable since some of our opinions were on things like how clearly they talked, if they stayed on topic or wandered, as well as how we felt they did as stock experts. So our ratings were probably not what your ratings would have been, and we eventually dropped them.

They were one of the most requested things we ever dropped. And so we worked on a new solution for them.  We decided that the best way would be to allow our registered users rate the experts. While we were at it, we also added ratings for companies and the individual opinions. 

So if you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with an opinion, hit the thumbs up/down buttons.  (Located inside the Recent Opinions menu item) 

If you find yourself loving or hating a company or expert give them the thumbs up/down. (located in the individual Expert or Company page)

Ratings aren't final, you can undo them. If on reflection you realize that you've been too harsh, or too nice, you can click the opposite thumb and set your opinion back to nothing as though you hadn't voted.

It also doesn't make sense that a company that you hated last year deserves to be hated this year if they've been able to turn around. Because of this, thumbs for companies may have an expiry date on them. We haven't yet decided what that date is, but for now, assume that any opinion on a company will expire after a year.

After this has been in place for a month or two we will post Top Ten lists for Companies and Experts, and Opinions.