New Watch List, Editors and More

New Stockchase Watch List, New Editors and More Enhancements

We’ve been hard at work in the last weeks to enhance Stockchase further and fix a few problems that were sticking around on the site since the last redesign.  In particular, one mobile and tablet bug that would prevent users from being able to expand opinions on mobile has now been fixed! 

New Editors

Thank you all for your incredible response to our job posting for new editors.   As we noted, Bill Bruner has retired and a team of 4 editors + Dave, our long-time partner, has now taken over.   Let us know if you catch some errors in the opinions as they are still getting used to the job.

Search Auto-Complete


We recently introduced search auto-complete on our search form. It has already gone through a few enhancements and should now be a lot better at suggesting matches.  We also re-implemented the automatic redirection to the company or expert page when there is a single match for the search terms.  We are still working on further search enhancements, in particular the possibility to search for companies or experts without the need of selecting “expert” or “company” in the dropdown menu and an easy way to search for anything within the opinion texts.

New Watch List

Watch list has been redesigned. 

It now allows you to view more stocks at once.  The LOWHIGH column allows you to view how the stock price positions compared to its highest and lowest price in the last 52 weeks.  If you hover your mouse over the TOP/HIGH chart, you will get the price chart and recent opinion details.  You can also add notes for each stock you are watching.

We removed the ownership information no one was using. We implemented this as a simple watch list. If you would like to follow the stocks you own, we recommend you sign-up for Wealthica.  We are building integrations between Wealthica and Stockchase so in the future you will see integration between Stockchase’s Watch List and Wealthica’s Portfolio features. Stay tuned.

Charts Redesign


If you sign up for Stockchase and log into your account, you can see stock charts for each opinions (that are more than one week old) that shows the performance of the stock from the date of the opinion to now. This is useful to get a quick idea if a signal or comment was on target or not. If the expert issued a Top Pick and then the stock went down, then it might not be the best signal ever ! 

We have a lot more coming.  We’re still working on enhancing the site, home page and tables for you. Please be patient and keep visiting the site to discover the new enhancements.

Martin, Simon and the Stockchase Team !