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It's been 2 weeks since we published the new and redesigned Stockchase . It has been a very busy 2 weeks! We've been reading your feedback, releasing many updates and fixes and trying to figure out the right balance between ads, monetization, modernization, simplicity and ease of use.

Where's the opinions list?

Some users  seem to be looking for a one page opinions list and not happy they have to open opinions one by one to read them. The opinions list is not gone. It's at the same place it was before, that's here : https://stockchase.com/opinions/recent.  It's accessible from the "Latest Opinions" like in the dark search bar in the first part of the site.  We added a latest opinions view on the home page of the site which complements the opinion table but you still can read all opinions one after another in the opinions page.

Thank you for your feedback !

We got almost 2000 comments and responses on our poll, many emails and lots of feedback. We couldn't answer each and every one of you, but rest assured we've read everything you sent us. We quickly published some fixes to the new site and we are still hard at work of fixing more things especially the mobile and tablet views.

Hang on, it will only get better and better.

We've got a new poll for you :

Many of you told us that the site shows too many ads!

We don't like ads either, but it's the only way to monetize a free web site. Ads allow us to earn a revenue and pay our editors that watch shows and paraphrase all the expert opinions.

But there's an alternative, we could offer a paid ad-free version of Stockchase. If this is something a good number of you would be ready to pay for, we could implement the ad-free version quickly. Look at the bottom right corner of the site and answer our poll to let us know if this would be interesting for you.

Would you subscribe to $10/month Ad-Free Stockchase?

(Answer the poll in the bottom-right corner of the screen)

You like it or you hate it .

Roughly, 50% of you like the new Stockchase. Some like it a lot. But the other 50% don't like it at all. That's not the position we want to be in but at the same time the statu quo or keeping the site as is was definitely not an option.

While we understand the most frequent concerns about the new design (too many ads, too much white space, need to relearn how to browse the site again, etc.) the old site was not attracting a lot of new users.

It was satisfactory for the seasoned user that comes every day to read the opinions but the site couldn't grow and the revenues of the site were in constant decline. New users coming to the site were leaving quickly because they did not understand what the site was about.

Stockchase on Mobile, iPad and Tablets

Our mobile users need an apologize.

We really messed up the mobile versions of Stockchase on our first release of the new site and focussed too much on the web version. Please accept our apologies! The mobile versions are still being worked on, we hope to publish an enhanced version in the next few days.

Some performance data .

We still have lots of work to do, but in term of site performance data, the new design results are pretty good :

  • 25% more pageviews.
  • Visitors stay 25% longer on the site
  • 15% more new visitors browse more than a single page (they don't bounce)
  • Total number of visitors has grown a bit by 4%

We want even better numbers and it would help if we can please both the current and traditional users and the new ones. We really hope we can find a good balance that will allow everyone to be happy and benefit from Stockchase.

Keep sending us feedback at hello@stockchase.com or answer our polls.

It really helps.

Ads vs Ads-Free

Running Stockchase takes dedication and hard work from our editors.

Bill Bruner and Dave have been dedicated to Stockchase and religiously watching stock TV shows and writing down everything that is being said for many years now, but the way it was done until now and the ratio work/revenues of the site was clearly not sustainable.

We had to take revenues in consideration while redesigning the site and yes there are more ads now, there are sponsored offers and ads for Wealthica (Stockchase's sister app) but we really try not to abuse it. Where else can you find daily stock ideas and so many stock opinions for free? Many finance web sites offer a few stock ideas per month for a high annual fee. We think there's a good ad vs content balance on the new site but we understand users are used to a lot less ads and want no ads.  

Again, that's why we are asking you if you would like to subscribe to a $10 per month ad-free version of Stockchase which could be a win-win solution : no ads for you, and revenues for us.

Wrapping up

What has already been done....

  • We've optimized our servers for the site to load faster
  • We replaced light fonts with darker ones
  • We disabled questionable ad categories
  • We fixed many issues on mobile, but still have a lot to fix
  • We shrank a lot of white space

What is still pending but we are working on it...

  • Better mobile, ipad and tablet design
  • Improved portfolio watch list
  • Better charts
  • Better search functionalities
  • A true native Stockchase mobile app
  • Alternative ad layouts in opinion pages
  • New companies layout
  • Simple filters for browsing opinions, experts and companies
  • Ad-free subscription (answer our poll, bottom right corner)
  • And more....

Would you subscribe to $10/month Ad-Free Stockchase?

(Answer the poll in the bottom-right corner of the screen)

Frequent Questions

(We're posting most of the negative, but there's a lot of positive too. Thank you for the positive comments.)


Q: I liked the green or red cells making it easy to see what was a buy or sell

A: We'll bring back the signal cells. We're working on it.


Q: Don't like the advertising

A: Please answer our poll if you would be interested with $10 per month ad-free Stockchase


Q: It is a disaster. Cannot find anything anymore.

A: Use the search bar to find the same pages as before, latest opinions, companies and experts. We are also working on a better search engine to find companies and experts easily but the old search still works.


Q: There are not enough opinions in the opinions table

A: You can choose to show 15, 30 or 60 opinions in the page. Just click the number at the top of the page to show more.


Q: On mobile it's terrible

A: We are working on it, please hold on ! It will get a lot better.


Q: Please stop the poll window !

A: The poll is really useful to get your feedback, you can easily click on the arrow down to hide it.


Q:  I might be wrong but I don't think you can enter the "expert's" name now. That was always useful before.

A: Yes you can switch the search from "companies" to "expert" and search the name or even a single letter in the name of an expert.


Q: I would really like to see a search feature that specifically allows you to enter the ticker symbol.

A: You can search for a Ticker in the Company search field and it will return the corresponding company page. We're also working on autocomplete and search suggestions.


Q: Logos take too much space

A: We think most users (on desktop) complaint about logos because the "signal" column is gone. We are going to bring back the signal column while keeping the logos. This might be a good compromise. Logos add a lot to the site and help a lot first-time users.   We could allow to disable logos in a paid version of Stockchase if this is something you would like, answer our ad-free version poll :-)


Q: I miss the access to google discussions and the globe & mail.

A: Those are still there in the company page but they are not there in single opinion pages, we will add the links to single opinions page too.


Q: Far too many ads offering investing advice. 

A: We restricted ads to minimize the investing advice or top stocks offerings. We hope it helps !

Thanks a lot for being a Stockchase user.

Keep sending the feedback at hello@stockchase.com

Simon, Martin, Dave, Bill and the Stockchase team