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December 12th 2017

We released a few enhancements to the site today that should make it easier to browse the opinions table. We also enhanced the mobile views. 

Here are the details of the changes.

Signals are back to their own column in opinion tables : 

Signals in Opinion Table

This was one of the most requested changes since we released the new web site and messed up the signal column (we hear you clapping).  We hope you’ll be happy to see it back. This should make it a lot easier to browse the opinions table.   We are working on quick filters to hide comments or view a specific signal only.  This should be coming soon.  In the meantime, you can filter your view to Top Picks only using the “Latest Opinions” dropdown menu at the top of the site.

Opinion Filters 

You can now expand opinions from the mobile home page

Mobile Expand

There is some confusion between the home page and the opinions page. Old-time users are used to finding an empty home page and to go directly to the opinions page but we built a new home page to help new users understand what the site is about. 

Jump to opinion tables

If you prefer to go directly to the full opinions views, you can still do it using the “Latest Opinions” link on the home page search bar and you want to jump directly to the table : 


We also refined the mobile opinion tables to show the signal prominently and you can easily expand the opinions in the tables using the arrow at the top-right of each opinion in the table.

More coming

We’re still working on more enhancements especially for mobile views and filters.   We will be adding shortcuts to the most interesting topics, specific signals, popular stocks and more.  Keep sending your comments, we appreciate it ! 


The Stockchase Team

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