Greetings | StockChase

A lot of new users coming to our site.

I don't know how familiar you are with our site, so I'll explain it a bit to you. We watch Market Call and Market Call Tonight and take down the comments about stocks, from the experts that appear on those shows. We put these comments into a database, which can be accessed by the web cross referencing stocks with experts and back. We also have a field that says what the comment action was (buy,sell, top pick etc). Users of our site can select stocks they are interested in, and when a comment is made about their stock, an email is sent out. Users can also get Top Picks sent out through email. These emails are of course opt in.

Use this site as a reference, to explore and gain new ideas. I use the site myself to see new stock ideas, then check with other experts to what they've said about the stock. In general I'm up, way more then I'm down using this strategy. This year has been especially good. If you like the site, please share this post with your friends, knowledge is a good thing.