Looking for editors to join the remote Stockchase team

At 87 years old, Bill Bruner (one of the site’s co-founders) will be retiring for good in less than 2 weeks.  

We are currently looking for editors, working remotely from home, to replace Bill and continue providing daily stock opinions for the Stockchase community. Since you often watch the shows and are frequent Stockchase users, we thought it might be an interesting job offer for some of you !

** Thank you for your interest **

** Please note as of Feb. 14th 2018, we have filled all available spots **

Bill has been watching two expert opinion shows per day for almost forever, almost 365 days a year.  We are not looking for a stock superhero as Bill was, but we’d like to find 2 or 3 new editors to work part time with Dave, our senior editor, and establish a pleasant work schedule.  

In a few words, you need to like to watch the finance shows on TV (BNN), be a fast typer (or you can record your comments and use a software or voice recognition to transcribe) and you’ll need a good knowledge of the financial jargon.

An editor is required to work for a short time in the early afternoon or in the evening, with the exception being Monday when it is a longer stretch of work starting late morning.  When you are assigned a show, you cannot just call in sick.  Someone has to cover for you as we can’t miss the show.

Although it does not require being an expert in equity investing, the editor is required to be fairly proficient in the jargon and terminology of investing in companies in various industries.

More requirements :

+ Good written English skills
+ Fast typer (or using a speech to text software)
+ Proficiency in listening to the guest while paraphrasing what they are saying
+ Skilled at data entry
+ Knowledge of investment jargon
+ Available early afternoon or evening

Please contact us at hello@stockchase.com if interested.

Posted : January 20th 2018

Simon, Martin and the Stockchase Team !