You can Comment now | StockChase

 Have Your Say a Second Way

We have just released the next in our series of updates which allow you to comment on Companies, Experts and Experts Opinions.  Spam or abusive comments may be deleted but in general feel free to praise or vent!

So you can not only give a thumbs up or down on something, you can explain why!

Along with this, we have updated the Information that you put in your portfolio so if you want your comments to have some weight, you can say a bit about yourself.

We've also added an extra page so you can see opinions that have been commented on.  You can access this page under the Find Opinions menu. 


Some users are having problems logging in, and are unable to reset their passwords. If you are in this position, please email me (link at the bottom of the page) and let me know. Be sure to include your user name, and email address. We will get you fixed up.