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Stock SymbolCisco (CSCO-Q)
Source of InformationMarket Call Tonight (BNN TV)
T.V. Program Date2017-04-20

If you include the cash, this is quite a cheap stock. It is basically trading at about 16-17X earnings and the market cap is about $165 billion. People forget that there is $60 billion plus in cash sitting on the balance sheet. Even if you net out the debt of about $30 billion, you are taking the valuation down to about 13 or 14 times. Not including the debt, it is about 10 times. The growth profile is going to be low. The dividend is about 3% and there is a strong potential that you could see some special dividends, or an acquisition to drive growth. An attractive investment.

Price (as of program date)$32.830
Implied Signal
$ Goal
ExpertLorne Zeiler
Expert's BiasUNKNOWN
Own or RelationshipUnknown