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General Comment by Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI

Bias Subject Owned

Market.We have a lot of things to be worried about geopolitically, a lot of interesting tensions such as NAFTA trade talks. Investors are propelling this market higher. Fresh money is coming in. Credit Suisse upgraded all the FAANG stocks just when you thought they couldn’t go any higher. A report came out talking about a melt up, and he couldn’t agree more. He is positioning on a strength-basis, but does have a “best before” date, and it is somewhere that leads into January, where we have to get very cautious. Between now and Christmas he is pretty positive. You have to stick with really good quality companies. Still thinks most people are under invested. He is pretty comfortable with where he is. It really feels like this wants to go higher, for at least the next 2 months.

Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI
Director & Portfolio Manager, Scotia Wealth Management

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