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General Comment by Christine Poole

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Canadian Banks? She likes Canadian banks as a group. They’ve picked up in performance in the last few months, because they were flat, up until a few months ago. In this environment of an improving Canadian economy, it looks like energy problems are largely behind us and a rising interest rate environment is good for the banks. Forward P/E ratios are slightly above the 10-year historical averages, as is P/BV, another important valuation metric, where they are slightly below. They can kind of grow that mid-single digit 5%-7% earnings growth. All the banks have committed to a target payout ratio of 40%-50%. She owns Toronto Dominion (TD-T), Royal (RY-T) and Bank of Montréal (BMO-T), which all have US exposure which will be beneficial in a growing US economy.  She also owns Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS-T) which is in a higher growth area.

Christine Poole
CEO & Managing Director, GlobeInvest Capital Management

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