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General Comment by Paul Gardner, CFA

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Market. The Canadian economy roared ahead of 4.5% growth in the 2nd quarter, the TSX is not participating in the global rally. By the end of the year, Canada should probably flip, and outperform a little against the US and its global peers. Global demand has reached an all-time high for energy demand for oil. We are getting close to 100 million barrels a day which is somewhat positive. The numbers for most banks were stellar despite the low interest rate environment. There is a big sale going on in the utility spaces and energy-like yield spaces, and that has to be revalued. A lot of those types of businesses, which are actually incredibly stable, are sitting at 6%-7% yields, but you have 10-year bond yields at 2%. All boats will probably lift as long as we have synchronization of global growth.

Paul Gardner, CFA
Partner and Portfolio Manager, Avenue Investment Management

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